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Warranty Stickers

Warranty Void Sticker – China Warranty Sticker Printing Manufacturer

Custom Printed Warranty Void Sticker: Warranty Stickers, Warranty VOID Label, Warranty VOID Seal, Tamper Evident Warranty VOID Sticker, Destructible Vinyl Warranty Sticker, Tamper Proof Stickers, Tamper Evident Labels, Destructible Vinyl Labels, Ultra Destructible Labels, Destructible Stickers, Asset Warranty Void Stickers, Barcode Warranty Void Sticker, Warranty Seal Stickers.

We can manufacture your warranty void stickers on one of two different warranty void sticker materials: Tamper Evident VOID Polyester or Destructible Vinyl.

Tamper Evident VOID Polyester

Tamper evident warranty void stickers are made of polyester, tear resistant and water resistant.

Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Warranty Void Sticker, when removed leave an impression with the word “VOID”/”VOIDOPEN”/Checkerboard Pattern on the item to which they were applied, can be used in anti-counterfeit.

We can supply 3 kinds of Tamper Evident VOID Polyester Warranty Void Stickers: Low Residue Tamper Evident Warranty Void Stickers, High Residue Tamper Evident Warranty Void Stickers and Non Residue Tamper Evident Warranty Void Stickers.

Material Color: White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Glossy/Matte Silver, Red, Black and Holographic etc.

Destructible Vinyl

Destructible Vinyl Warranty Void Sticker: Any attempt at removal will result in destructible vinyl labels being destroyed.

Manage and protect your warranties with a warranty void sticker seals. You can better protect your warranty and protect the value of your equipment with these warranty void stickers.